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[28 Jan 2007|12:19pm]

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diy baby [27 Jan 2007|06:28am]

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memories:bellycast [30 Aug 2006|05:46pm]


What you will need:
A jar of vasoline
Plaster of paris
covered strips

step 1.Cover your stomach with vasoline.

step 2.Place the strips in a bucket of warm water.
once they are wet lay them across your stomach.

Step 3.Overlap them.

Step 4.After they have dryed gently lift them off of
your body. Let dry overnight before decorating.
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[24 Aug 2006|01:13pm]

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Health:bug bites [20 Aug 2006|06:49pm]

-Soothe a bee sting by applying a cut of raw onion (detoxifyin sulfur in the onion neutralizes venom in sting and reduces inflammation).

-Bleach stops mosquitoes bites from itching.
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icon [19 Aug 2006|03:35am]

Can anybody make me an icon for this community?
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Cleaning:accidents happen. [19 Aug 2006|03:28am]

To clean vomit or any other accident off of the floor. Sprinkle kittylitter over the mess. It picks up most of the mess and gets rid of the odor. If you don't have kittylitter use baking soda.
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Tips:Diaperwipe box [19 Aug 2006|03:19am]

I found another good use for the diaperwipe boxes I get.
I fill them with plastic bags so when I need to clean up a mess I pop up the top and pull a plastic bag out.

Does anybody else have a good use for diaperwipe boxes?
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Memories:keepsakes [19 Aug 2006|01:42am]

* Create a blanket(Quilt like)from your babies old favorite outfits.

* A blank white paper picture frame or a blank journal can be brought to the hospital or babyshower for guest and family members to sign.
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Birth Announcements:tips [19 Aug 2006|01:38am]

*Write birth statistics with fabic paint on a oneies to take a picture of your baby wearing it to use it for a birth announcement.

*Also Photo greeting cards from wal-mart or walgreens run for .40 each which can be used for birth announcements.
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Diaper Cream [11 Aug 2006|10:08am]

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Health:cradle cap [24 Jun 2006|09:38am]

Two tips for getting rid of cradle cap.

#1 Use a pea-sized amount of dandruff shampoo on your baby's scalp and brush gently with a toothbrush.

#2 Gently rub a little olive or vegetable oil onto your baby's scalp.

This also works with baby oil as well but only a small amount.
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registry tip #1 [11 May 2006|09:06pm]

When scanning only scan kits not small items by themselves.
Grooming kits come with everything as well as first aid kits.
So you don't end up getting more then one pair of nail clippers,combs,etc,etc.
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[29 Apr 2006|12:25pm]

instead of buying expensive little onsies that have cute designs on them, we are buying plain ones that cost a lot less at discount stores (especially if you buy them as "seconds"....there is usually nothing detectable wrong with them). then, we are just going to print out designs we find that we like on iron-on transfer paper. you can get the stuff at wal-mart for around $12.00, and a whole pack of 11 sheets will do a whole bunch of onsies since the designs are really small.

and besides, pictures you find online or make yourself are generally ten times cuter than anything you can find in a store.
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Diapering:pails [04 Apr 2006|06:03pm]

I see two or three Diaper Genies in any thrift store I go to.
If you buy it new it sets you back $25-$30.
Thift stores sell them for cheap but clean it out
with bleach and water.
But beware refils cost alot.
Wal-mart selles them for $14.99 and up.

And then there is also the Diaper Camp.

Uses ordinary plastic garbage bags.
It might be hard finding it in a thrift store but to buy it you can go through ebay,target or babies r'us.
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Clothing:nursing bras [04 Apr 2006|05:25pm]

Invest in at least two or three nursing bras.
But wait until late in pregnancy to purchase.
Do not get anying with wires.

If your not into buying a speacial bra try sports bra in a bigger size.

Suggested places for find a good deal:Target,Wal-mart,Ross,TJ Maxx and Marshell's.
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Books:What to expect.... [04 Apr 2006|05:13pm]


Its worth every penny.
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Cleaning:stain removers [04 Apr 2006|04:45pm]

Here are some products that work just as well on stains.

1.Dawn PowerPoint liquid dish soap.
Gets out protein-type stains,feces,baby food and formula.

2.Biz detergent and water work well with getting out feces when soaked.

3.Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove formula stains and yellowing of old garments.
Mix a solution of a one part Hydrogen peroxide with one part water. Soak the clothes for about half and hour.

PRETREAT your stains before washing.
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Cleaning:crayon stains [04 Apr 2006|04:43pm]

WD-40 can remove crayon from walls and clothes.
For clothes just spray on the stain and rub together.
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Cleaning:women on the go [04 Apr 2006|04:41pm]

If you can't make your own stain remover the best brand for people with kids is Zout.
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