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I see two or three Diaper Genies in any thrift store I go to.
If you buy it new it sets you back $25-$30.
Thift stores sell them for cheap but clean it out
with bleach and water.
But beware refils cost alot.
Wal-mart selles them for $14.99 and up.

And then there is also the Diaper Camp.

Uses ordinary plastic garbage bags.
It might be hard finding it in a thrift store but to buy it you can go through ebay,target or babies r'us.
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I had a diaper genie with my first son... I got it secondhand... hated it.. refills were pricy... it broke and I tossed it

I have a diaper champ now. I love it. I have two in diapers right now... and while diaper genie has different refills for toddlers and infants the diaper genie is universal.. and you can just buy cheap trash bags anywhere.
i got one of those at my shower and was like, great! but i never used it. it was a wastoid. but probably when my son gets big enough to get into the garbage can (like i see kids trying to do at his daycare), i'll use it more.